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Monday, August 31, 2015

Cloth Diapers

YouTube help by 
Whitney Sews 
We are the Strange

KAM Snaps: 

PUL fabric:

Etsy stores: 
Buy Diapers ready to go: 

home made personal care products

  1. soap
  2. lotion
  3. facewash
  4. body butter:

homemade cleaning supplies

  1. dryer balls
  2. liquid hand soap
  3. steam cleaner solution

Local Farm: Ray Family Farms

One thing that I do constantly need more and new of is FOOD! I love food. I just found a farm that is closer than almost any grocery store and I'm so excited. They are only open Friday and Saturday and I need to get there Friday for the milk!!

Ray Family Farms

Stacks and Stacks

I have SO many boxes of fabric and yarn. I've decided that the most organic and local thing I can do right now is to use these fabrics and yarns before I purchase more. As of yesterday, we moved all of our stuff out of the storage unit and into the house. I need to stop searching for new and more and use up what I have on hand.  :D

Organic Fabrics Source

Here's a place with a long list of fabric wholesalers. 

This one is out of Asheville, NC:

Organic Cotton Plus

One Without Limits, responsible clothing

Here's a company that is thinking it through. They make clothing from sustainable, organic fabrics from the USA. In fact, I taught this designer to sew. :D And we share these ethics. I'm so proud of what he has done with this company. I need to find out where he's getting his fabric. :D  Please visit and shop 
Adult Lightweight Hoodie

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Natural Fiber Yarns

What do you do with "roving" yarns, please tell me? Perhaps weaving, or spinning?

The LB Collection by Lion Brand Yarns has a nice assortment organic and natural yarns. I found a couple of other sites worth returning to: 

I'm still on the hunt for:


  • Here's an eBay search for "wool yarn". The interface and search options are nice to select the types of yarn available. I didn't realise eBay is so hip to its yarn community.
  • Baby Wool Yarn by Lion Brand Yarn, retail: $6.99 for 1.75 oz
  • Alpine Wool by Lion Brand Yarn, retail $8.29 for 3 oz (only solid colors are 100% wool)
  • Patons Wool on $5.24 for 3.5 oz/223 yd


  • Bamboo yarn from the Phillipeans on eBay: 99C for 50gr 70% bamboo/ 30% cotton


The more I search for yarn, the more I realize that there is very little information of the origins of any of these yarns. Perhaps, I'll start looking into locally spun yarns, but you know they are going to be expensive. Man oh man, what a world. 


  • Here's a great converter! Sweet! Thanks, Google!

  • =

Friday, August 28, 2015

Fisherman's Wool: Natural Yarn


  • Fisherman's Wool by Lion Brand -  All 100% virgin, undyed wool (except the "Birch Tweed").  Sold in 8 oz skeins with 465 yards. 
  • Retail value $12.99.
  • Craftsy -40% =$7.80. (free shipping on $99 orders)
  • Amazon = $8.19 and free shipping on $35 orders.
  • Etsy: YarnShop4U = $8.25. (Combine shipping on her other 4 shops, too.)
  • = $8.48 (free shipping on $35 orders)
  • Joann = $8.24. (free shipping on $60 orders)
  • Review from Joann: "OK, WONDERFUL yardage for the money. That's pretty much where the love ends here. I found in just a single skein several knots and broken plies, thin spots, and odd (what's this sorts of color blobs). Yes, its *natural*, but the quality here is a little lacking. My finished shawl is going to take a lot of work to block into softness and wearabilty. (A little bit more money and you could get something MUCH softer.) Defnitely not a next-to-the-skin wool. Thinnish for a wosted weight. I imagine this would be great for felting however, and I love the natrual color range."

Times are changing

In the past, I've used this platform to write about ways to waste less resources. Now, I'm going to start entering information I find while researching online. This will help me to eliminate repeated searches and save a lot of precious time. Time is the one resource that is absolutely non-renewable. Use it the most wisely.